Create Map and 3D Models

SahaGozu enables to create your own models besides our professional services.

Profile View Creator

The model is enriched by creating a section between selected two points.

Difference Analysis

Changes in the field are identified and observed visually.

Interactive Explanations

Annotation buttons that can be added everywhere on the created model make possible that the project continue in a regular way and enables to be make communication with other users.

Length Measurement

Length measurement made on 2D/3D models helps to follow manufacturing process.

Area Measurement

Area calculation for storage purposes in the field is made.

Volume Measurement

Excavation and embankment volumes are calculated.

Photo Add

Photos taken in the field are processed and filtered with respect to location.

Video Add

Videos taken in the field are processed with respect to location and can be followed on the map.

Adding CAD Drawings

Architectural and engineering drawings added on the site model gives a new perspective to project tracking.

Coordinate Information

Global coordinates of any point on the model can be accessed.

Angle Measurement

The linearity of a construction can be checked.

Height Measurement

Heights of the constructed perpendicular elements such as columns can be measured.

Digital Elevation Model

Present states of an excavation can be analyzed with Digital Elevation Model.

SiteEye Gallery

Observe your images and videos with their locations on the map.


Track latest updates from your site.

Project Management Plan

Inspect your project management plan while working on a model.

BIM Integration

By importing your models in IFC format, you can view them with other models.

Upload Photo

You can upload multiple photographs from both camera and gallery.

Meaningful Photographs

By adding titles and descriptions, you can enrich your photographs and make them understanable for a better communication

Automatically Get Location

You can edit location and date of uploaded photographs automatically or manually.

Data Sharing Over Cloud

You can access SiteEye project gallery easily from mobile app.

Multi Language Support

You can use this app both in English and Turkish.

Point Cloud View

Multi Language Support

You can use this app both in English and Turkish.

Get Point Coordinate

Make Distance Measure

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